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The famous author Margaret Wolfe Hungerford once said “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”  We all see things and people differently, and my photographs reflect my visual perception of the world.  I want to encourage people to see the beauty in everything, from a simple rock on the road, a beam of sunlight, a flower in the meadow, a tree destroyed by a storm, old fashioned interiors, aged or young faces…It’s the imperfections in everything that make things perfect.


I have lived all over the world: Kazakhstan, Germany, Russia, USA and traveled to many countries and each experience has played a role in shaping the photographer I am today.  Each place has taught me something different and introduced me to new people, new cultures, which has made me more openminded.  My travels have taught me how to see things in a different way under unusual angles.  And I’m excited to share my world view with you!



TOP 300 USA photographers / 8TH 35AWARDS / 

June, 2023


Art of Photography / Valid World Hall Gallery / Barcelona, SPAIN 

Exhibition dates: 13-15 September, 2024


Portrait  Photographer of the Year / Coningsby Gallery / London, UK


Exhibition dates: 21-23 December, 2023

Landscape Photographer of the Year / Kaiser Gallery / Cleveland, USA


Exhibition dates: 13-15 October, 2023

Art of Black & White / 6x6 Centre for Photography / Limassol, Cyprus


Exhibition dates: 22-24 September, 2023

Portrait Photographer of the Year / Art Delight Gallery/ Seoul, South Korea

Digitally Exhibited 

Exhibition dates: 13-15 August, 2021

Storytelling / Bucharest Photofest / Bucharest, Hungary 

Exhibition dates: 1-10 October, 2020


Art of Photography / Blank Wall Gallery / Athens, Greece 

Exhibition dates: 25-27 September, 2020


Artistic Photography / Art Thessaloniki / Helexpo - Thessaloniki, Greece 

Exhibition dates: 21-24 November, 2019 

Amazing Architecture, 100 years of Bauhaus / Art Market Budapest 

Exhibition dates: 3-6 October, 2019


Natuzzi Italia / Operation Kindness / Pets on Furniture

June 10, 2023

Knox Street Dallas - Branded Photography Publications / USA / 

March 2022


Advocate Lakewood/East Dallas / The Fascinating Insects of White Rock Lake article / USA / September 2021 

Serena & Lily - Branded Photography Publications / USA /  2020-2022

Out in the Urban / Creative Light Magazine, Issue #38 / United Kingdom/ 2020


Meaningful Portraits / Digital Camera World  / USA, UK, Australia, Canada / 2020

Featured in Italian and Spanish In-Es Art Design Magazine 


STGN-49 channel  as one of the winners in Modern Architecture Competition.  USA, Canada, and in over 22 countries.

December, 2019

  • Featured photographer at Medical Clinics in Dallas, TX.    

  • Featured in numerous fine dining restaurants in Moscow & St. Petersburg, Russia

  • Various works in private collections

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